Editorial Services

Developmental Editing

An in-depth edit of your early manuscript

Focusing on:

  • Developing the book’s proposal in collaboration with you
  • Refining your unique concept and arguments throughout
  • Identifying and enhancing your unique selling points
  • Ensuring the level and tone match the readers’ knowledge and expectations
  • Reorganising to improve structure and the reader experience
  • Writing new material or rewriting existing passages

Developmental editing ultimately aims to craft a very marketable book that answers the intended audience’s needs in a unique or different way to your competition.

After the developmental editing process your manuscript may look very different, but you can rest assured it will be much closer to the book you set out to publish.

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Copy Editing

A detailed edit improving language

Focusing on:

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Improving sentence structure, clarity and pace
  • Enhancing word choice and avoiding repetition
  • Identifying inconsistencies and making editorial suggestions
  • Highlighting potential copyright issues and fact checking
  • Preparing the manuscript for the typesetter and lay out

Copy editing aims to improve the reader experience by making sure that text is clear and says what the author intended it to say, all while preserving the writer’s voice and natural style.

After the copy editing stage your manuscript will have been through many rounds of editing and revisions, so it will be looking very polished.

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The final pre-publication check

Focusing on:

  • Correcting errors that may be introduced in revisions or production
  • Standardising the format of numbers, abbreviations and more
  • Checking that all chapter titles and subheadings in the text are consistent and match the table of contents
  • Inspecting all pagination, running heads, captions, references and more to ensure they are present and correct
  • Spotting any stylistic or formatting inconsistencies

Proofreading really is the last stage before publication and happens after the manuscript is laid out for printing. This type of editing makes sure every detail is perfect, or at the very least highly consistent, to give the best possible reader experience.

After your book has been proofread your final publication will look professional, credible and authoritative.

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Subjects I specialise in

As a trained and qualified copy editor, I can copy edit a broad range of general subjects. But sometimes, a subject just needs a specialist – someone who knows the lingo and the conventions of the industry. The subjects I can hit the ground running with and apply my specialist knowledge to are:

  • Marketing
  • Business and entrepreneurialism
  • Software and programming
  • Information and internet technology
  • Real estate, property development and planning permission

These specialisms are built up from my education, training in previous marketing roles, personal interests, or through experience of editing niche-subject-area books. Although, of course, I am not limited to editing these subject areas.

How fees are calculated

​I will provide a quote specific to your project based on your requirements and a sample of the text. Each project is different and I need to assess the task and how long it will take to complete. I charge per 1,000 words so you will always know the project cost even if the word count grows.

Send me your questions and as much information about your book as you can, and I’ll guide you through the process. I’ll prepare a clear and detailed quote bespoke to your project and editorial needs.